Who Makes The Best Tight Neck T-shirts?

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example of a tight neck 50/50 t-shirt from JERZEES

Update 2/2013 ‹Jump to the list of Tight Neck T-Shirts I’ve been compiling from all the feedback I’ve received.

Update 3/2013 ‹ Looking for a thicker t-shirt?? Check out this Thick Tight Neck T-Shirts article! Lots of great recommendations.

— Original Article —

We’re going off the reservation and entering the land of the unknown (at least for me) with this reader’s t-shirt question.

Looking to the community (YOU) to help create the most comprehensive recommendations of the best t-shirts that have a tight neck (high collar).

I’ve gotten the list started, but I need your help so please add your recommendations below in the comments section.

Here’s the original email:

Just wondering if you have any recommendations about tight neck T-shirts for everyday wear (not undershirts.) My husband is on a mission to find t-shirts to wear that don’t have a loose collar. I searched your website, but could only find white undershirts.

Any info. would be so helpful. Thank you!!!

My Response:

hey m,

thanks for stopping by my site and posting your question.

i’m not sure how much help i can provide because i primarily focus on undershirts, but i can tell you a few things:

  • the costco kirkland white undershirt is thick and has a high collar. if he wants white, this might be a good option. i don’t know if costco carrys any t-shirt products, but if they do, their high-collar design might be the same on the t-shirts.
  • you might get idea of brands that carry high-collar t-shirts if you visit a site like www.theundershirt.com and look through their collection. you don’t have to buy it there, but it does provide one central site to look at a bunch of different t-shirt styles
  • an easy way to tell if a t-shirt will have a high collar is by measuring the front drop (top of back collar to top of front collar) when the shirt is laying flat facing upward. most high collar undershirts i’ve seen have a 2″ – 3″ front drop with a collar opening of no more than 5.5″ at it’s widest point. so, now that you are armed with that information, you can go to any store with measuring tape and tell in advance whether or not it will have a high collar!

one last thing – you can dye white shirts most of the time. sometimes the stitching does not take the color because it’s made of polyester or nylon, but the rest of the shirt will be dyed and the contrast still looks good. so, if you find something you like in white and you want it a different color, just visit your local supermarket and buy some rit dye.

hope the above information helps your husband find a t-shirt he loves! keep me posted too and let me know what he winds up buying.


Then, after thinking about it more, I emailed her back:

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  1. KCitian says:

    Hey, great site, so glad I’m not alone in this search! I was wondering, has anybody had any luck altering a droopy tshirt neckline? My wife got me the coolest KC Royals shirt but the neck is so big it feels weird. I was going to try and take it to the tailor to see if they can alter it, but wanted to check here first to see if it’s worth the trip. Thanks!

    • Tug says:

      hey kcitian,

      good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question.

      yes! there is a way to fix a drooping collar, and tailor should be able to do it.

      it entails removing the collar from the shirt (take out the stitching) and either cutting the length of the collar fabric to a shorter length, or if the collar fabric is no longer usable — to stretched out, replacing it with similar knit fabric that is color-matching.

      keep in mind you can’t make the collar opening smaller, but you can fix a droopy collar line.

      any decent seamstress or tailor should be able to do it. hope it helps!

    • Jimmy says:

      Hey KCitian, welcome to the site. I have actually had pretty good luck having my tshirts neckline altered.

      I took the seamstress 3 new shirts with large droopy necklines along with my favorite tshirt with a good tight neckline for a pattern, and she cut/altered the neck openings to match the pattern shirt.

      It worked out great for me. Good luck !!!!

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