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Another newcomer brand in the innerwear (undershirt, underwear, socks) category, Mack Weldon distinguishes itself from the incumbents by fusing old-school quality with modern day technology. This is easily apparent when you look at the credentials of co-founders Brian Berger (Excite, WebMD) & Michael Isaacman (Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger).

Brand Overview

Mack Weldon is a brand new men’s collection that will feature t-shirts, undershirts, underwear and socks – essentially the fundamental pieces to create the base for any outfit. It just launched this week and is sold exclusively on the brand’s website, which has been specially designed to offer the most hassle-free and convenient shopping experience (there are cool features such as auto-replenishment, etc.).

This is an undergarment brand that is solely devoted to producing top-notch products that perfectly combines luxury and performance features to create a one-of-a-kind item…the founders will ensure you there’s nothing like it in your closet.

The t-shirts are cool on their own and great with denim. They are available in a crew neck and v-neck style in 6 different color ways and retail for $28.00. Made out of 95% Long Staple Cotton and 5% Lycra, the t-shirts are super soft with a bit of a stretch. The t-shirts are a standard fit, cut close but never tight and have rotated shoulder seams to ensure total comfort.

Innerwear Line Details

  • Undershirts:
     47.5% Long Staple Cotton / 47.5% Modal / 5% Lycra.
    Styles: Crew Neck & V-Neck.
    Colors: White, Nine Iron, True Black.
    Key features: Longer length stays tucked, Rotated shoulder seams for comfort.
    Price: $32
  • Underwear:
    Fabric: 47.5% Long Staple Cotton / 47.5% Modal / 5% Lycra.
    Styles: Brief, Trunk, Boxer Brief.
    Colors: white, true black, blue night, cloud burst, deep lichen green, weldon blue.
    Price: $19.50 / $22 / $24.
  • Socks:
    Fabric: 80% Combed Cotton / 15% Spandex / 5% Elastic.
    Styles: Ribbed Sock, Striped Sock.
    Price: $12.50

Other Neat Stuff

  • Instant Discounts “Savings Meter”: Each time you shop, Spend $100 get 15% off, at $150 get 20% off, at $200 get 25% off
  • Subscription/auto-replenishment: Allows users to sign up and have additional product automatically sent when you need it

Product Images

Love what these guys did on their website with regard to presenting their collection. Instead of leading with the standard static images, Mac Weldon went for a more dynamic presentation and embedded short videos of their fit model wearing the products.

Initial Thoughts

Here’s a note I sent to the MW PR person on the day that I was wearing their undershirt and underwear:

guess what i’m wearing today?? mack weldon, that’s what. i’ve got my crew undershirt and new boxer briefs on.

i’ve gotta tell you that my initial right-out-of-the-package impressions are really good. i normally have a problem with underwear not fitting comfortably, and although the legs are a hair tight on me, i’m pretty darn happy with the rest of the fit.

the undershirt – a really nice feeling and fitting product. like the shoulder and sleeve design, like the longer cut, and fabric blend. it fits a little loose in the upper body area, but that might tighten up a little after the first washing. all-in-all, a very nice $32 undershirt. based on my initial impressions, i think i like this one more than some of the higher priced MicroModal undershirts. i’ll do more wear tests and see how it all unfolds.

not 100% on board with some of the outer branding, like on the boxer briefs, but since i can’t really see it, it doesn’t bother me too much (:

Update after washing:

Mack Weldon Sleeve Design. Cross between a Raglan & Traditional Sleeve. Click to Enlarge.

Underwear: No noticeable difference in fit, in that the legs are a little tight on my ham-hock-like thighs, but other than that, the fit is pretty good. The one thing I really like is that the waist is not too tight, so it doesn’t make my “love-handles” look any worse than they already are. When underwear actually goes in my underwear drawer for daily wear, which doesn’t happen that often, it says a lot about how much I like the product.

Undershirt: No noticeable difference in fit. Again, minimal/no notable shrinkage. Still feels nice on the skin, and overall fit is pretty good. Undershirt is slightly loose in the chest area. Also, noticed the overall sleeve length to be a little longer than I like. The Sleeve design is like a combination of raglan & traditional, so there is no side shoulder. Overall length from collar to edge of sleeve is around 14.5″, and comparing to other undershirts with the sleeve length I prefer, MW might be 1″ – 1.5″ longer than I prefer. My thinking is that if you want a tighter fit, it might be good to size down one.


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  1. Glenn Drake says:

    I saw these on facebook. I would buy them but they are quite expensive. Does the collar stand up well???

    • can’t tell you how the collars hold up glenn.

      most undershirts i have seen take a while for the collars to wear out, so it’s a little hard for me say for certain because it’s only been a couple of months since i’ve written about my mack weldon undershirts and i haven’t worn or washed them enough to know.

      • Glenn Drake says:

        Ok I’ve heard guys rave about them. Can you tell me if the collars are made of cotton, spandex, or cotton. I own a few t-shirt from Macy’s I bought like 4 years ago and they used spandex in the collar. But they don’t sell them anymore.

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