Why You Should Wear an Undershirt / TShirt At All Times

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Here’s a great blog article about why you should wear an undershirt. The author provides some great tips on why and how to wear an undershirt. He also provides some great suggestions on various undershirt brands to consider. Here’s a few of the tips Lee provides:

  1. Sweat buffer – The Tshirt serves as an important buffer between your clothes and any sweat or body oils that would be transferred to your dress clothes that evening. This point is particularly important for those that sweat more than others, however it comes into effect in most cases. A woman never wants to see a wet TShirt on a man…more
  2. Keep Clothes new – Many of us consistently reuse the same shirts because they are very stylish and trendy. Often these trendy, stylish shirts are costly therefore disabling us from purchasing these shirts in copious amounts. We need to keep these shirts as new and clean as possible and they will continue to pay dividends for many years to come….more
  3. Low Cost – The under / TShirt is a low cost option that extends the life of your dress clothes and serves a vital function in your style. Popular brands of under / Tee Shirts include Ralph Lauren Polo, Hanes, Tommy Hilfiger, Fruit of the Loom and Nicole Miller and surprisingly all of these options can be purchased at low cost retail outlets such as Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Target and Ross….more

He also covers topics such as what size t-shirt to purchase and positioning of the undershirt.

Thanks for the great article Lee. Some great tips for our readers

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