Wanna Buy Some Original Vintage Towncraft Crew Neck 50/50 Undershirts??

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2/22/11 Update: Looking for an undershirt just like the Towncraft 50/50? Check out the Retro Fit undershirt line from RibbedTee.

1/4/11 Update: There is company planning to release their own updated version of the Towncraft 50/50 undershirt in late February 2011.  Although you can’t purchase them yet, you can put yourself on the company’s official product waiting list (Click Here) or email info@ribbedtee.com. In the email, tell them size, collar style, and number of packages you want to reserve. Read more about it here.

Hell, who needs eBay when you can find your original vintage Towncraft 50/50 undershirts right here! A couple of days ago, a guy stopped by the site and noticed that a bunch of folks were looking for vintage Towncraft undershirts. Well, it turns out that he has a bunch that he was willing to part with. Here’s the email:

I came across your site and noticed that you were searching for the Towncraft 50% combed cotton 50% polyester undershirts..  I actually have at least 3 of these in size Large in good condition.  I bought them new back in the day and have been wearing them ever since.  They seem pretty indestructible and have no holes and the collars have held up.

However I had no idea they would be sought after and that people would actually want to buy them!  … I would gladly sell them to someone who wants them.  Do you know what the fair value is for them now?

They are good undershirts, but I am not a picky wearer.. so would rather unload them to someone who really wants them.

Thanks for any info,

Well, we exchanged a couple of emails and he has agreed to put them up for sale here and offer them for over $10 less per shirt than you can find them on eBay from time to time. Here’s all the information he provided about his large crew neck vintage Towncraft 50/50 undershirts:

I found 5 of them but believe I have more in storage.  I’ll sell all but the really old one at $30 a piece and the oldest at $45.

They can contact me at towncraftshirts@yahoo.com

All say 50% combed cotton 50% Fortrel polyester.
1 of them has the numbers 04400-8 WPL # 11935  Made in Honduras.
1 of them only has the number 4400 on it.  This is the oldest and thinnest.  Made in USA.
3 of them say 18958-9 WPL #11935.  Made in El Salvador.

All the tags are readable.

All size L 42-44

Happy Shopping Everyone!

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  1. Brian


    I’m looking for Towncraft L (42-44) V-neck t-shirts. Do you have some for sale?

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