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If you recall, last Wednesday I wrote this review of the short sleeve compression shirt from CoolClothingUSAfrom CoolClothingUSA. Because they shipped two short sleeve compression shirts, I was not able to review the long sleeve version at that time.

I just received the black long sleeve compression shirt and thought I’d jot down some of my initial thoughts.

The package arrived in that low-budget thin poly bag I wrote about in my original post. The shirt was folded haphazardly in the plastic bag and the overall shirt presentation is about a 1 on a scale from 1-10, if you’re into that kind of thing.

The fabric looks to be of decent quality and the stitching is done very nicely (seams are clean, straight and not gathered). Overall, it appears to be manufactured well. I tried it on and found the fit to be similar to their short sleeve version, tight and very form fitting all the way around, including the sleeves. It definitely holds things in nicely. While being tight, this compression shirt allows you to move freely. In comparing the two, I find that the collar on the long sleeve compression shirt lays better (flat) than the short stand-up collar on the short sleeve version, however, the one thing that stood out to me immediately, and a little annoying, is the crewneck collar presses on my throat a little too much and at times it is a bit uncomfortable.

I am wearing the shirt as I’m writing this review and I’m finding myself getting heated up really quickly just sitting here typing. In fact, I’m a little too warm so I’m going to take this thing off right now….ok…whew. I feel a little better now.

I’ll wear this guy to the gym next week and I’ll let you know if I survive the workout. Who knows, maybe I’ll sweat off a few pounds of water weight.

Overall, if you’re looking for a compression shirt that will keep you cool all day long, this is not the right shirt to purchase. If you’re looking to enhance your workout and burn a few hundred extra calories, I think you just found what you’re looking for.

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