Twitter BUZZ: SPANX for Men to Launch in February 2010! Celebs Wearing them too!

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Undershirt Review: SPANX for Men Cotton Compression Undershirt
Tug Exclusive! The REAL SPANX for Men Product Launches on February 4, 2010!!!

Details of the SPANX for Men product launch have started to leak out on the Spanx, Inc. Twitter account. Based on the information there, here’s what we know so far:

  • On 1/17/10 there was a tweet saying that Spanx for Men would be launching “next month” (February 2010)
  • On the same day, they tweeted saying that they sent some of the Golden Globes celebrity men (as well as other famous internet bloggers!) “SPANX for Men Cotton Compression Undershirts” – so now it looks like we know what their official product name is! I’ll call it S4MCCU
  • On 1/19 there was a tweet about Steve Carell wearing SPANX. That led to more information where we find out that Matt Damon and Alec Baldwin also received some free S4MCCU!STEVE CARELL – Did he or didn’t he? That was the big question on our minds as the funnyman walked the Golden Globes red carpet. Before the show, Carell was sent Spanx for Men – yep, the same foundation-wear brand that stars from Amy Adams to Kelly Osbourne use as a tummy-tightening red-carpet hero. Carell, already a self-proclaimed fan, was one of the first on Spanx’s list to receive a Spanx for Men Cotton Compression Crew Neck Undershirt. Also gifted: Matt Damon and Alec Baldwin.
  • On 1/26, another tweet saying they are launching Spanx 4 Men soon

That’s all the info I could find via their twitter account as of this morning, but I’m sure we’ll start to see more in the coming weeks!

I wonder who’s got their Spanx for Men Cotton Compression Undershirt on today??

1/29/10 – Update: Just saw this on

And though it’s [Milk’s Fashion Week] taking place in the Bryant Park Hotel, Spanx are showing their new women’s and men’s (yes, man Spanx are happening) lines during Fashion Week, too. So that whole geographic region of Fashion Week is going downhill. Bryant Park? Well, we can think of another kind of park it’s calling to mind more and more lately!

1/30/10 – Update: Looking around the web, I found these images in a S4M announcement post on This looks like official SPANX designed artwork. If you look closely at the images below, you’ll notice a guy in a crew neck and a tank top. Hmm, I’m guessing they’ll make a v-neck too?

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  1. pat0003


    Interesting that the spanx folks are keeping it so under wraps.

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