PSA: Phone Scam – Fake Sprint Call from Caller ID 888-211-4727

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This is a Public Service Announcement from your friendly neighborhood Undershirt Guy.

Was driving back from an appointment today when I received a phone call with the caller id of 888-211-4727.

I answered and a recorded voice said it was a security call from “Sprint”. The recording said that there was some fraud alert on my account and instructed me to enter my account security PIN to resolve the issue. Of course I DID NOT enter my PIN.

Coincidentally, my mobile service provider is Sprint,  so I was curious. I called the number back, and sure enough, it was Sprint Customer Service.

Since I’ve worked in the telecommunications/voip world before, I know Caller ID can be spoofed (faked), so I secretly gave the scammers a small little kudos for being creative and sending Sprint’s actual Customer Service telephone number into my Caller ID when they called me. At least they aren’t totally stupid.

I spoke with a Sprint Customer Service agent and confirmed they had not tried to contact me (no duh). Did a little research on the internet when I got back to my trusty personal computer, and found many others who reported the same issue on (search for 888-211-4727).

Friendly advice: Never give out ANY personal/private or security information to anyone WHO CALLS YOU. When in doubt, call them back.

Wear your undershirt proudly!

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  1. e


    I just recieved a call from this number today, September 13, 2016.

    It was a “SPRINT” representative needing information to transfer my phone number. Sprint is not my cell phone provider. I was given a different phone number to call back, 877-503-3269.

    They are actually calling me again now, five minutes after the intial call.

  2. Priscilla


    I see this is an old thread, but I bought my phone from the sprint store. I took out the battery and there is a sticker underneath it where the DEC and HEX numbers that says ‘For information call 18882114PCS’ so i don’t think its a scamming number.

    • Tug says:

      hey priscilla — the call is actually a scam call, the company running them just sends the sprint number to your caller id to make you think it’s sprint (:

  3. KC


    I have repeatedly received calls from this number. The same woman has left messages claiming she is from AT & T and requesting the last four numbers of my social security number to confirm my phone number transfer. Ya right, you want the last four of my social so you can try to scam my accounts.

  4. Kari says:

    I just got a call from the very same number and it is a scammer who is fraudulently using Sprint as their company to get Sprint customers information for fraudulent use.

  5. Scott


    Nearly 4 years later, this scam is still running. Thyey called me at 9:30 on a Saturdat night, about an account that has been closed for 2 years.

  6. Cari


    I have the same email for $1600 and change. It came to a work address and looked exactly like my personal Sprint bills so I thought I’d check to make sure my boss hadn’t done something I was unaware of first. Took a look at the hyperlinks (without clicking) and they looked off so I am trashing this!

    • Vesta


      Yes, I also got 2 of the from AT&T also today with two different amounts. I’m afraid I will eventually delete a good email in the process of deleting all these bogus ones.

      • AnnieB


        Just received the same scam email. Subject: Your Sprint bill is now available online; sender: Had a link to ‘pay bill now.’

        It looks perfectly legit. No broken English, weird logos, or any other tell-tale signs. I even felt the need to call Sprint to be sure no one had used my name to open an account – it was so legit looking. No damage done, luckily – just another phishing attempt. Sheesh.

  7. Vesta


    I got an email today saying that it was an invoice for my cellphone. I do not have a sprint account. I called the number above that was listed and they said their computers were down and I would need to call back in an hour. I’m not sure if I reached the actual Sprint or not. Many people might just pay the bill. There is way too much of this going on these day.

    This one looked pretty real, enough for me to call. Criminals are getting much more savy.

    This is all that would copy.

    Bill Period: June 10 – July 9, 2012

    Total Due by August 2 $1731.12

    Note: All online payments are made in a secure environment.

    This section contains important updates about your Sprint Services, Including Service or Rate Changes, Promotions and Offers.

    Due to the Nextel National Network shutdown on 6/30/13, any Nextel devices sold after 6/1/12 are intended to support existing customers’ migration efforts and no minimum Order Terms will apply.

    2012 Sprint. All rights reserved.

    • hey there! thanks for stopping by and posting that info about the scam emails from sprint and at&t.

      it’s kinda crazy – i’ve gotten several of those spam/scam emails too over the last few days – out of the blue. since i use sprint, it was easy to identify the fake at&t email.

      it had a subject line of: “Your AT&T wireless bill is ready to view” from: AT&T Customer Care

      i also got these other spam emails:
      subject line: “Your Bill Is Now Available”

      subject line: “Your Sprint bill is now available online”
      from: “Sprint”

      thankfully, i know what email lists i’m subscribed to, and i easily recognized the sprint email as spam, so i just marked it is spam/junk.

      now, i also received a very alarming email (also spam), which looked like it was a legitimate email from paypal.
      subject line: You sent a payment

      within the content of the email, it said: “You sent a payment for $324.45 USD to Anna Abbott”.

      at first, i was a bit concerned because i didn’t recall sending any money to anyone, and i immediately thought that my paypal account got hacked.

      instead of clicking on any links in the email, i just logged into my paypal account and looked for outgoing payments. when i didn’t see any payments going out, i re-checked the email and noticed the links were going to this website [ do not go to this website!!!]

      >>important: be warned. when you see emails like this, do not click any links in the email!!

      thanks again for coming by and posting your comments. hopefully we’ll help other people not get taken by these spammers/scammers!

      • Paul


        I know that feeling i get mail from some lady i dont know and dont wanna know. Happens so often not really but i seen patterns

  8. junior


    that call has been making my friend go mad…

  9. Michelle E. Byrd


    I bet this scammer’s been busy making the rounds. I looked up the phone number and got this link

  10. ha


    Probably it’s just your smart girlfriend; she want to check on your voicemails ;D

    • Paul


      I know that feeling i get mail from some lady i dont know and dont wanna know. Happens so often not really but i seen patterns

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