Power Body Sculpt Shaping T-Shirt: Initial Thoughts

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Back a couple months ago, I came across the Powerbody shaping t-shirt by way of Freshpair.com and the product had promise of being a new, low-cost men’s slimming undershirt alternative.

After a quick information exchange, the kind folks Freshpair offered to send over a sample so I could give the new Delta Galil Industries men’s shaping product a test-drive.

I will say in advance that I originally wasn’t blown away by the product and my first reaction was that I’d be giving the Powerbody t-shirt a not-so-good review. However, since I’ve had the undershirt for some time, I’ve been able to wear it pretty often and now have a fairly good idea of pros and cons of this shaping undershirt.

Product Details

I outlined this information in my initial post about Powerbody, so I won’t rehash it here.  Quickly though, the product comes in a crew neck ($25) and tank top ($22), is made from a 90/10 cotton/spandex blend and is available for purchase on Freshpair.com and at JCPenney.com (for $19.99).

Product Sizing

Before washing – Click to Enlarge

The Good

  • 90/10 fabric blend feels nice on the skin
  • Doesn’t run warm and very breathable fabric. I’ve worn the Powerbody throughout the day, on 6-8 different occasions where some days were pretty warm and I never felt too warm. Generally speaking, I’ve felt very comfortable wearing this undershirt all day long
  • Moderate chest flattening. Enough to mask those with a little extra up top or slightly puffy nipples
  • Adequate midsection smoothing. I would categorize this as a light-compression undershirt so don’t expect this guy to shave inches off your belly or love handles, but it will offer a little shaping and keep you mindful of holding in your stomach

The Not So Good

  • As shown in the photo below, there was a pretty big and obvious stitching defect in the collar. Really left me with a pretty bad first impression
  • It will not reduce your love handles. It may offer a little smoothing, but the shirt doesn’t have enough compression to reduce them*
  • It does not improve your posture at all*
  • It does not turn your beer belly into a six-pack*
  • It won’t really slim your waistline*
  • *These are all part of the marketing claims I found on the website/Product pages

Product Photos

Final Thoughts

Even though the Powerbody Sculpt Shaping T-Shirt doesn’t perform as well as other higher-compression slimming undershirts, there is some value in having one or more of these undershirts in your undershirt arsenal considering the price.  At $20, this shaping undershirt will offer many benefits over other similarly priced undershirts that offer no shaping at all.

If you’re looking for high-compression, love-handle crunching, waist slimming, chest chiseling performance, this is NOT the undershirt to buy. But, if you’re in the market for a comfortable, reasonably priced undershirt that offers a little flattening and shaping, I think you’ll be reasonably happy with the Powerbody Shaping Undershirt.


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