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Insta Slim Review: Initial Thoughts of the Insta Slim Crew Neck Slimming Undershirt

August 29, 2010 | By | 43 Replies More

Several readers have either written in or posted comments wondering what I had to say about the Insta Slim men’s slimming crew neck undershirt that I received a couple weeks ago. Well, it’s been patiently sitting by the side of my computer just waiting for me to put it on and give it a test drive and finally the time arrived when I slipped it on and wore it out while Mrs. Tug and I ran about town having breakfast and running some errands this morning!

In response to a reader’s question about the product, I sent him an email with the following thoughts and feedback about the new Insta Slim crew neck compression undershirt:

hey j,

thought I’d send over some initial thoughts on the instaslim. I wore it today for several hours and overall, was pretty pleased with the product. the one I have is size large, so it was a hair too big for me, but it did a fairly good job in smoothing out my chest and holding in my mid-section. I figure a size medium would have performed even better for me since I normally wear medium sized undershirts.

click to enlarge

one thing I find really interesting, is that instaslim looks incredibly similar to spanx for men. I’m not sure which one was released first, but they are very similar in design so I wouldn’t be surprised if one was modeled after the other to some degree. otherwise, it is possible that both companies had the same general idea of what design they wanted and executed it similarly.

the fabric blend is more on the synthetic feeling side being 80% nylon / 20% spandex than the cotton rich feeling of spanx for men, but personally speaking I do like the instaslim being more synthetic because it not only can work as a regular undershirt replacement, but I can also wear it as a base shirt layer when going to the gym. it feels like a short sleeve version of my gc2 compression tank top which I’m a pretty big fan of and something I wear during every workout.

Insta Slim (left) vs. Spanx for Men (right)

with their current special, you can get two instaslim undershirts for $24.90 each. at that price, it’s a pretty incredible deal for a good performing men’s slimming/shaping undershirt.

I’ve attached some photos and a size comparison that show the instaslim measurements compared to spanx for men. in the photo, spanx4men is on the right in the photo.

hope you find the above information helpful and feel free to email me with any additional questions!

best, tug

Probably the only nit worth mentioning is the collar width being 1/4″ wide really took away from the asthetics of the undershirt. Most undershirt collars are actually cut and stitched in separately, however, the Insta Slim crew neck collar was a simple fold-n-stitch design. They did a nice job hemming the sleeves and the bottom of the undershirt, but they really missed the mark in stitching the collar.

I’ve been asked by others how Insta Slim compares to Slim T’s. To be totally honest, I think the Insta Slim compression undershirt handles flattening, shaping, and slimming much better than Slim T’s overall. Although Slim T does offer some chest flattening, it doesn’t do a really stellar job of holding in the midsection. But, Insta Slim handle both chest flattening and waist trimming about as good as many of the other slimming undershirts I’ve tried, even being one size too big for me. I have to assume that a medium sized Insta Slim undershirt would perform even better on my physique.

Considering these slimming undershirts sell for around $24.90 each (with their current 2-for-1 special), I think Insta Slim is a very good value for the price.

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  1. Luis says:

    The website lied said free shipping and they change me for it. The customer service was terrible. I called and they said could not do anything about t already purchase. Never again buy from them. Shirts loose 5 inches BS probably one and the material is hot. The collar has a terrible finish. Think twice before you buy!!

    • hey luis, thanks for stopping by and posting your comments about your purchase experience with insta slim.

      i have to say that i’m always skeptical buying from “as seen on tv” or “informercial-based” websites. their ordering tactics are usually suspect, especially when there’s a bunch of fine print somewhere that customers can’t see very easily.

      from a product point of view, the instaslim i have performs very much the same as the other shaping undershirts i have. yes, the collar doesn’t have the greatest finish, but several other shapers i own have a similar collar-style. that said, you’ll notice i made the same comment about the collar in my review.

      not sure what to say about the shipping. their website at says $9.95 shipping, but it is possible you purchased from another website that claimed free shipping.

      at the time i wrote this article, the price of instaslim was $24.90 if you purchased two of them. i don’t recall if they charged for shipping at that time, but compared to other shapers, it was a good deal at the time.

      though, the current price for instaslim is $29.95 for one, and shipping is $9.95, making the cost of one instaslim $39.90. not such a great value at one unit, but the unit economics get better if you look at their 3-packs. plus shipping stays at $9.95 as you add more items to your shopping cart.

      for the near $40 price, you can get two hanes power slim fit tee cotton shapers or one of the slimming/compression shirts from underworks which are high-quality items made in the usa.

      so sorry to hear about your experience with purchasing an instaslim. the great news is that the information will be here for others — so they’ll be in-the-know! thanks again for stopping by and commenting!

    • James says:

      I had bought an Instaslim shirt a few weeks ago. I also paid a ridiculous amount for the shipping. The shirt works great for the first few days before loosing it’s usefullness, if you can get past the large seams digging into your sides. I was also put on their email to receive different ads and savings, however after receiving a special that sounded good, I tried to order more, but their customer service would not stand by that price, and was very rude to me, and told me how wrong I was for thinking that they would actually stand by such a price. They’re your typical “bait and switch” company. I will never be buying from them again.

      • hey james, thanks for sharing your thoughts about insta-slim.

        as you can see from my article, i wrote that back in august of 2010 – nearly 3 years ago. i’m not sure if they’ve changed up the product since then, but the insta slim shaping undershirt i have has held up pretty well and always offered a consistent level of smoothing and shaping.

        though, because i got the sample from the company directly, i can’t speak for their sales or customer service tactics.

        i’ve not found very many as-seen-on-tv products where people have raved about the customer service or overall shopping experience. based on your experience with them, i don’t blame you at all if you don’t purchase from them.

        truth is, there are many other very good slimming and shaping undershirts on the market that you can choose from, like the many listed here on my website.

  2. Adrian Morales says:

    Hey I just ordered this but I am a bit confused on the sizing.
    Basically I am a XL in regular t shirts but I can fit in to SOME L t shirts. My waist is 40″ and my chest is 42″ but I have a medium body frame. So I ordered a L instaslim do you think it will fit me good? Or should I have gotten a XL?

    • hey adrian, sorry this slipped through the cracks? did you get your insta slim shirt yet?

      i have a size large, have 39″ chest, 34″-35″ waist pants, and my insta slim fits pretty well. not too tight, not too loose. i might even be able to size down one. since the shirt tapers at the bottom, it might be a little more difficult for you to get around your waist, but the extra compression might be something you like.

      anyway, keep me posted!

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