FROS-T Athletic Cooling Shirts Keep You 10 to 20 Degrees Cooler

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Update 1/10/15: Per a note from a visitor, looks like Fros-T is no more.

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Fros-T Athletic Cooling Shirt - Stay 10 to 20 degrees cooler

Fros-T Athletic Cooling Shirt – Stay 10 to 20 degrees cooler

I guess today is the day of high-tech devices, so let’s take a look at a newer, lightweight athletic cooling shirt line that will keep you really cool in those hot situations.

Before we get into the product specifics, one application I thought these light weight “under” shirts might be good for was the law enforcement. I’m not sure if this type of product would get sanctioned by the governing body that oversees what is approved apparel for police or firefighters, but one complaint I constantly hear from police officers is how hot and wet their undershirts get while wearing kevlar body armor.

Since there is no airflow between the undershirt and kevlar vest, any shirt they wear stays wet and uncomfortable – and it appears to be a pretty common (and solutionless) complaint .

Anyway, if there are any folks in the law enforcement out there that are either willing to comment below or possibly try one of these undershirts out and write me back with your findings, I’d love to hear from you.  Maybe I can try one out too and report back.

Company Information

FROS-T Sports (site offline, ), a venture/start-up based in Florida, has created a light-weight, form fitting, 4-way stretch athletic shirt and bra line that contain integrated cooling polymer discs distributed on the chest and back. When activated, the technology in the polyvinyl alcohol synthetic discs are said to keep you 10 to 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.

Here’s an excerpt from the company’s website (site offline, ):

FROS-T Sports, Inc. manufacture’s today’s Premier Advance Cooling Technology on apparel for all Athletes, Industrial workers and individuals with Heat Related symptoms i.e.; MS

The product is intended to help prevent Dehydration and Heat Exhaustion. The shirt is designed to cool the body core temperature to allow muscle support for optimum strength, endurance while maximizing mobility and comfort.

Fros-T athletic cooling shirt and bra shown inside out

Fros-T athletic cooling shirt and bra shown inside out


  1. FROS-T Sports Performance Cooling Short Sleeve Shirt ($44.95, l)
  2. FROS-T Sports Performance Cooling Sleeveless Shirt ($44.95, l)
  3. FROS-T Sports Performance Cooling Bra ($34.95, l)
  4. Youth versions of the Sleeve and Sleeveless Shirts are also available ($34.95)

How Does the Technology Work?

Polyvinyl Alcohol is a state-of-the-art synthetic material known for its “water loving” properties combined with an innovative design that creates an ultra-absorbent, drip-free process.  Made from a water soluble and biodegradable material, the hi-tech polymer retains water while remaining dry to the touch.  When wet, the PVA Chill Gear Material becomes about 10 to 20 degrees cooler than the existing air temperature.  This provides a cooling effect for the user.  When the material is no longer cool, usually 30 to 120 minutes, simply re-wet and the Polyvinyl Alcohol will begin to cool again.

Update (5/10/11) – Check the comments below. I did hear back from the company COO and we just might have found a shirt that will work under kevlar.

5/20/12: Click Here for a  FROS-T Company Update

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  1. chris


    Will my sweat be an appropriate wetting Of the Disks?

    • Tug says:

      heya chris, this company fros-t is no longer in existence. check the links at the top of the article for more fitness or non-fitness cooling shirts.

  2. jason flaherty


    I would like to try one of these. I work in a vrey hot factory for bass pro is there any way imay be able to get one

    thank you

  3. cliff ulmer


    are the shirts available yet and if so where can i get one

  4. Jerry Kepple


    Spoke to Victor this morning he said LEO / Fire shirt should be available by end of June or so they are field testing now

  5. Scott


    Do you know if these guys are still around? Their website doesn’t work, their facebook page and twitter pages have not been updated in forever? I would like to speak with them if possible, do you have any contact info?

    • heya scott. i just had an email exchange with victor from fros-t. he said they were about 60/90 days away from offering their items. not sure why their website is no longer active.

      drop them a line at and see if you can get in touch with someone. the email i sent victor did not bounce, so i’m guessing their mail service is still active (hopefully).

      let me know if you can’t get in contact with them via that email.

  6. Sid says:

    Is this shirt available now?

  7. Brenda says:

    Victor – I read that you solved this issue for our law enforcement wearing their kevlar vests. My husband works in a Steel Mill – next to molten steel – extremely hot conditions. Not much air flow & always were protective suits, similar to firefighter’s. Would any of your products work for him?


    • hey brenda, thanks for stopping by and posting your question for victor!

      check out this fros-t update article i just posted. looks like the company will be starting production in about 30-45 days, and hopefully their new/latest line will offer cooling effects in low air-flow wearing situations, such as the one your husband is in with working at a Steel Mill.

  8. Bob


    I work in law enforcement and suffer every summer underneath my ballistic vest. I am seriously interested in purchasing one of these.

    • hey bob, it is my understanding that the fros-t undershirt needs airflow to be fully effective. i noticed this when i tried out my original fros-t. when i wore it under a couple layers of clothing, i didn’t experience the cooling effects as much.

      but, when i wore it in a situation where air flowed through the shirt some, the cooling effects were pretty pronounced. i’m not sure how much the fros-t technology has evolved so you may want to check with the company to see if their newer products will work in your situation.

      you might want to stay close to my site here, and subscribe to my mailing list or my rss feed. there is a company working on a technical undershirt/t-shirt product specifically designed for your use case. i can’t say much more, but once the product is ready for prime-time, i’ll be announcing it here.

  9. HANS


    How do I get to try one of the Frost T…I am dying here in FL. I am miserabble here during the summer after a 12 hours shift.I’ll wear anything that will keep me 10 to 20 degree cooler and price is not a problem.

  10. hey victor, any new updates?

  11. Kayley


    Hey Victor,
    My friend at a camp I go to had a fros-t towel, and it really helped to cool us down after a hot day out in the sun! Do you sell these? If so, I would love to buy one! Thanks!

  12. hey victor, got a quick question for you. let me first say, the fros-t is a very nice looking active-wear muscle shirt. i put it on and while i normally don’t think muscle shirts look good on me, the fros-t did. overall, a very nicely designed top.

    so i was at 24 hour fitness earlier today and decided to wear my fros-t to the gym. before i went, i wet all the discs thoroughly and put on the fros-t as my base layer.

    then like i normally do, i wore a few other layers on top of it including my ardyss abdomen compression tank, my posture shirt from evidence based apparel, then a t-shirt.

    when i was working out, i really didn’t notice any cooling effects. it felt about the same as when i wear any other tops.

    but, after i got home, i peeled off all the layers and was left wearing the fros-t. just coincidentally i was standing in front of the fan and it was when the air from the fan hit the shirt, i noticed the cooling.

    so, the question is, does the fros-t have to be worn by itself with some kind of wind/air flow hitting it to be effective?

    this is key, because i would assume many people coming here would wonder if they can wear the fros-t as a real-live undershirt to stay cool.

    as you know, i have the first generation version, so let me know if that is just a characteristic of that version.


    • Undershirt Guy Thanks for your info and trying the shirt…your question: does the fros-t have to be worn by
      itself with some kind of wind/air flow hitting it to be effective? The anserw is Yes by you putting on other shirts on top does not a loud the heat to escape and letting the PVA keep you cool… The shirts was design for athletes at the time who are constant moving. The PVA disc when wet are normally 10/15 degrees cooler than the air temp around you and when you start to do what ever activity your doing it will take the hot air around your body making it cooler. The next shirt that we been working won’t need that much air movement but some will make it much more cooler… Think of jumping out of a pool and getting hit with a small breeze… If you read on my site the technology part it can help you understand more how it works. Once again Thanks for you info… like I tell everyone Good or Bad info is Good….. Once new shirt is ready for production I will send you one, in the mean time B-COOL!!!

      • great stuff victor! thanks for sharing. i do look forward to trying out your new generation fros-t. be sure to email me first so i can get you the best mailing address.

  13. i like to provide one, but we are currently shut down till new shirt hopefully is completed within 35-45 days…

  14. R. Chapman


    I’m interested in trying it. It was 94* this past week- body armor can be brutal in this heat…

  15. TC R


    most likely against his skin and along with that collar he’s got. It’s working, but ANYTHING to keep him any degree cooler is welcome!

  16. TC R


    hubby won’t wear his til next wk, he’s off this wk

  17. TC R


    Victor says mine will be here next tues. How’s the shirt working out for you guys?

    TC R

    • hey tcr, i’ve only had the chance to test out my fros-t at the gym one time, but i did not wear it directly on my skin. for the first test, i wet the cooling discs and put the fros-t over a compression top i wore as my base layer.

      i wanted to see if i could feel the cooling effects through the compression top. i did feel cool, but i could not determine if it was because the shirt was semi-wet or if the discs were doing their thing.

      my next test will be to properly wear the fros-t again my skin. also, victor and i have been exchanging emails and he said they will be sending over one of their new ones too!

      so, i’ll keep everyone posted via the comments here on this article.

  18. got my fros-t! now it’s time to head to the gym and give it a good test drive.

    i tried it on and it fits nice and looks nice too.

    thanks to victor for sending over a sample!

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