Equmen Product Giveaway: How do you think an Equmen core precision undershirt can improve your life?

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03/10/09 Update: Undershirt Review: Equmen Core Precision Undershirt

That’s absolutely right – We’re giving away some Equmen Core Precision Undershirts (retail value is $90-$110 per undershirt) to three lucky people!

In an effort to get me my samples as quickly as they could, the kind folks at Equmen accidentally sent me two shipments of their undershirts, instead of one. That left me with six (6) Medium core precision undershirts.

While I would love to keep them all, I contacted our friends there to let them know and we came up with the idea doing this giveaway contest! So, Equmen and I have partnered up to give away the three (3) extra medium undershirts I received (1 tank top/singlet, 2 long sleeve).

So here’s how it’s going to work. For the next 10 days (until 2/21/09),  you have the opportunity to offer up some thoughts on How you think an Equmen core precision undershirt can improve your life. There’s no right or wrong answer, so be creative. The more interesting the answer, the more likely you have a chance to win.

Post your answer here as a comment AND send it to media@equmen.com.  You have to do both to be eligible to win. The best three answers/stories will each win one of the medium sized undershirts above. See Equmen’s Size Chart to see if you would fit into a medium.

Good Luck and thanks for reading!

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  1. I just stumbled accidently into a news clipping that caught my attention. I saw a mans before and after picture wearing the Equmen core Precision Undershirt. I was astonished at the improvement in his posture as 10yr. doctor treating back problems i notice these types of changes but never this dramatic.I did some further recearch into Equmens products and technology behind there product.This could be just what we have been looking for to help fight spinal degeneration due to poor posture. The majority of people that i see during the day with back problems could have been greatly helped by a product that can improve your core stability. Muscle weakens is the cause this could be the answer.I hope i get the chance to sample this product.

  2. Fred de Guzman says:

    They say, always lead by “putting your best foot forward.” Well, why not proudly lead with your belly? Especially since for many guys – like myself – it usually beats that foot out of the front door in the first place. I’m kidding, but I do love my jelly belly. It’s not too big, it’s not too small, and it’s all me. It looks great in a pressed suit, it looks comfortably charming in a Hawaiian tee, and I can imagine it would look pretty svelte in a Precision Undershirt.

    I enjoy the fact that my belly fearlessly leads the way for the rest of me to follow from one place to the next. And indeed I follow it to the gym where I sweat it out, I follow it to my health care job where I stand all day, and I follow it to the fridge where I look for that last piece of carrot cake. Clearly, not once has my belly led me astray. So I ask, why not do a little something special to show my love for my one pack? Why not write to you some praise about my stomach in hopes to win it some much needed support and lift from Equmen? It’s the least I can do for something that is literally doing all of the heavy lifting in my life. And yes, that includes the turkey sandwich I just ate.

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