Deep V-Neck Undershirts

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During the non-summer months, my undershirt style of choice is the v-neck undershirt.

Most of the time I’m wearing a collared casual shirt, where I leave the top one or two buttons undone. Since I’m not a hairy guy (thanks Mom & Dad!), and I don’t mind doing a little manscaping every once in a while, I generally like my undershirt’s v-neck deep enough so it don’t show, or shows very little.

Stylistically, this is my preference and one shared by many fashion conscious people. Most stylists or fashion consultants would agree that your undershirt should not show.

Now I’m not telling all you crew neck undershirt wearers that you’re doing it wrong, because I’m a big believer in individuality and personal preference. I’m just saying that’s what I do.

So I’m glad that this reader wrote in with his question about deeper v-neck undershirts because now I get to have a central place here on the site that identifies these types of undershirts!

Question About Deep V-Neck Undershirts

Hi Tug,

Love your site.

I was hoping you could recommend 2 or 3 high quality brands that have pretty deep v neck cuts in their shirts. I’ve looked around and many seem to have a minimal drop in the v neck cut.

Thanks! J

Deep V-Neck Undershirt Recommendations

hey j,

thanks for stopping by my site and sending in your question!

there are a good number of deeper v-neck cut undershirts. the immediate ones that come to mind are:

deep v-neck undershirt from 2(x)ist

  1. underfit (
  2. shirtless (a newer brand) (
  3. retro fit from ribbedtee (
  4. tommy john (
  5. munsingwear – box-cut undershirt from vermont country store (
  6. american apparel is well known for having some deeper v-necks (
  7. sloane men (
  8. thompson tee and sweatshield sweat through resistant undershirts (amazon) &
  9. 2(x)ist has some pretty deep v-neck undershirts 2(x)ist V-Neck Undershirts
  10. c-in2 has some deep v-necks – check out (
  11. of course you can always go a bit more extreme and check into some deep scoop neck short sleeve undershirts. they have the collar opening similar to a tank top, but they are designed as regular short sleeve undershirts.
  12. 12/2013 – Nu-V undershirts
  13. 05/2014 – Asos Deep V-Neck T-shirts
  14. 08/2014 – Collected Threads jT-V Deep V-Neck
  15. 10/2015 – EVO TENCEL (

i’m sure there are others, but those are the ones that come to mind. does that give you a good starting point? 

Do You Know of Any Deeper V-Neck Undershirts?

If so, tell me/us about it in the comments section below.

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  1. Brad


    I just ordered 3 ASOS deep V. A little over $10 each, half the price of these others. They shipped from Spain so it took a few weeks and arrived 3 days passed the day they said they would. No tracking number for my order, but they came. I like them and will order 15 more.

    • Tug says:

      thanks for that info brad!

      glad you like the asos deep v-neck t-shirts. $10/each is a great price.

      what size did you order, and how long are they from hps (where shoulder meets the collar trim) to the bottom?

  2. Clay


    Look at connected threads. Really low cut undershirts for men.

  3. Iris Zveibil


    Thank you for the recommendation. Hope all new customers finally feel shirtless with our deep v-neck

  4. N2Briefs


    Spanx makes a seriously deep v-neck shirt that I adore called “Cotton Compression Deep V-Neck”! Check it out here:

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