Copper-Infused Pain Relieving Compression Wear from Tommie Copper

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I L-O-V-E learning about new products, and if those products are also very cool, I get even more excited about them!!

So, I’m sure you can appreciate that I got pretty intrigued/interested in the Tommie Copper compression wear line of products that claim to help relieve pain.  Here’s the email I received:

My name is [name removed], and I work for a company called Tommie Copper.

We design copper infused compression wear that helps with inflammation, swelling, and joint pain. When I saw your website, and I thought you would be the perfect person to try out our gear.

Tommie Copper is the leader in innovative copper compression wear that is designed to be comfortably worn all day by athletes and non-athletes alike who want relief from everyday aches and pains. All Tommie Copper products are manufactured in the United States utilizing a patented Therapeutic Copper Compression (TCC) technology that combines copper infused yarn with an exclusive multi-directional recovery process.

The line currently includes sleeves for the elbows, knees, calves and ankles as well as a line of compression shirts for men and women. I was wondering if you would be interested in trying out some of our products & doing a review.

If you can believe this – it wasn’t the compression undershirt that interested me most – it was the copper-infused, pain relieving knee sleeve.

Like many other active young athletes, I pretty much put my knees through hell when I was a kid doing sports. So much in fact, that I’ve had problems with my knees ever since. While one of my knees is in pretty good shape, the other isn’t and I have pretty bad stiffness/arthritis in it and it aches and causes me discomfort every day.

It hurts most when I have been sitting for a while, having it bent for a period of time – like now when I’m at my computer. Surprisingly, if it’s straight for long periods of time (like when I’m sleeping), I don’t have a problem.

The bottom line really is that my knee hurts nearly every day, and if a product like this can offer me even temporary pain relief, without me having to take medicine, well then Tommie Copper will have customer in me for life. I’m a true skeptic, and because my knee pain is real and NOT in my head, I will be able to tell, without a doubt, if this stuff really works.

After a quick email exchange, I got confirmation that the company is sending a sample compression undershirt and knee and ankle sleeves for me to try out.  As soon as I get the lot, I’ll be wearing them daily and will report back here. In the meantime, here’s some information about the products:

Product Details

  • Brand: Tommie Copper
  • Company Background
  • Description: Copper infused, pain-relieving compression wear. Combines the benefits of revolutionary compression fabric with patented copper infused yarn
  • Manufactured: Made in USA (Yeah!)
  • Products: Men’s and Women’s Compression Shirt ($44.50), Knee Compression Sleeve, Elbow Compression Sleeve, Ankle Compression Sleeve, Calf Compression Sleeve (all priced at $24.50), Compression gloves ($29.50)
  • Video Testimonials:

Product Photos

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  1. Victoria Martin says:

    My son was in a car accident over 15 years ago. The bones in his chest are dissheveled and he is in constant pain. No amount of pain killers relieve his pain. I am wondering/hoping your shirt may be something that could help him. Could you contact me with your thoughts on it helping him.
    I will appreciate it very much and hope you have a product that I have been praying to find…
    Victoria Martin

  2. does anyone offer a full ‘Copper’ body suit ? How much do they cost ?

  3. if you get a rash try bathing and reinsing really well ! before wearing the sleeve .

  4. Cruz Cebollero says:

    I recently obtained the Tommy Copper compression knee sleeve. I need to know if it’s necessary that the silicone band attached to the upper part of the sleeve touches the skin of the user. I wore it for a few hours but I got a rash that bothers and itch me a lot. I will appreciate your response. truly yours, Cruz Cebollero

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